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More school shopping savings

Shop at Staples this school year!

It’s that time of year again. School is starting back up soon and you will need to start buying school supplies if you haven’t already. Even if you are not in school and don’t have any children is school, this is a great time to save money on office and craft supplies, as most stores offer huge savings on these items this time of year.

Staples is a favorite, not only because they are THE Office Supply Retailer but because they offer quality products at a fair price. Do a little bit of research though, and you will be saving a lot of money when you shop at Staples.

They offer tons of ways to save every week in their weekly flyers. Check it out online to print out your free printable coupons from Staples.

This year you will need to get your “Back to School” Savings Pass. It costs $10, but you will save 15% everytime you shop in store or online. You will save more the more you shop, so this is great for people who are indecisive or have a lot of supplies to buy.

Plus, when you use your Staples Rewards card, you earn points that go towards your purchases in the following months.


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