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Free samples and offers:we love free samples

Since I can remember I have been sending away for free samples and other offers and they really do come in handy. Not only because of the fact that you can try something before you buy it (companies will often send free samples of new products out), but if you run out of laundry soap or shampoo, you have a few samples you have saved for just such an occasion (thanks Mom for this one!). Keep your free samples close to where your overstock would normally be and if you ever run out, you wont be rushing to the store to get more.Free samples often come with a coupon as well, so not only can you try it, you can save more on additional purchases in the future!

save money - free samples

I haven’t sent off for any free sample offers in a while so I decided to hunt some down. Here’s some of the ones I found that were still available as of June 1:

Those are a few that I found most worthwhile. If you want to see these kind of posts more often, let me know with a quick comment. I am always running in to free stuff on the internet (and offline as well.. I get a bunch of free magazines in the mail every month).
And if you live saving with coupons, check out my friend’s website Sincere Review where I guestblog from time to time. She has the best ways to get free printable coupons from all the big retailers!


McDonalds Switzerland Coupon Flyer

McDonalds Switzerland Coupon Flyer (Photo credit: maki)



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  2. I know that also free sample is helpful to save money. But it is quite difficult to have free sample. Everyone is busy with their own office and household job. So it is really complex to find a free sample after waiting in a line.

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